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Peak Performance Programs

My goal is to ensure that your pup not only fully understands their commands, but is happy to be performing them!

I have a variety of programs ranging from on-leash manners to complete off-leash control.

Image by Henry & Co.

Puppy Training

Have a new puppy and don't know where to start? My puppy programs are a great kickoff point to get your puppy on the right track. These programs are created to be completed while puppies are under 20 weeks old! Depending on what you need, I have two different options: Puppy Preschool and Puppy Kindergarten.


In Puppy Preschool, I will teach you the basics: crate training, potty training, body handling skills to prep for the vet & groomer, and play biting. Puppy Preschool can be completed in two one-hour sessions.


For owners looking to continue training past the basics, that is where Puppy Kindergarten comes in! Puppy Kindergarten will focus on getting the foundation on your puppy, teaching them: how to follow a lure, marker & release words, intro to commands (come, heel, sit, down, place), and intro to leash work. No distraction work is done in Puppy Kindergarten. Puppy Kindergarten can be completed in three one-hour sessions. 

Due to your puppies age and their lack of shots, all lessons will be completed in your home. 

Investment: Puppy Preschool - $300. Puppy Kindergarten - $450.

Discounted rate for signing up for both Puppy Preschool and Puppy Kindergarten - $600

In-Home Training

In-home programs are designed for owners that are looking for a basic obedience foundation for their dog, or a training refresher for a dog that has already gone through previous training. In-home training is a great option for those looking for basic control on their dog, but is not a viable option for those looking to achieve off-leash control or for dogs with behavioral issues. 

Details: I will come to your home Monday through Friday, for about an hour to an hour and a half each day. During this time, I am teaching your dog: come, heel, sit, down, place, and free. There is a ten day option (Bronze Program) and fifteen day option (Copper Program). 

Goals: The Bronze Program is the way to go if you are looking for your dog to be able to go about completing their commands around everyday distractions with a loose leash. The Copper Program takes your dog farther, asking them to complete their commands around both everyday and lower level distractions with a loose leash.

Both of these programs will include field trips for your dog to local, dog friendly spaces.

What's Included: Two hour "go-home" lesson, necessary training tools (please see "Training Methods" page for more information regarding training tools), "Place" cot, follow up lessons, and group classes. Please see boxes below for explanation on what follow up lessons and group classes are. 

Investment: Bronze Program - $2,800. Copper Program - $3,500. 

Discounted rates available for multiple dog households.

Board & Train

Board & Trains are the best option for owners who are looking for a higher level of obedience, off-leash reliability, or those struggling with behavioral issues (over-excitement, reactivity, aggression, lack of impulse control). 

Details: This is a true, live-in program. All Board & Train dogs live with me, in my home, in order to ensure that everyday style training is being done. Not only will your dog learn their obedience commands with duration (come, heel, sit, down, place, free), but they will also learn: how to greet people nicely, no jumping, no rushing out the front door, no counter surfing, and much more... Depending on the level of obedience and level of distraction work you are looking for, there is a range of options between a two week stay (Silver Program), three week stay (Gold Program), and four week stay (Platinum Program).

Goals: The Silver Program is great for owners looking to have off leash control around the house and yard and around low level distractions, and loose leash control around medium and high level distractions. If you want a bit more, the Gold Program will have your dog off leash around the house and yard, as well as around low and medium level distractions; while maintaining a loose leash around high level distractions. The Platinum Program is the highest level of obedience, with your dog off leash around any and all, extreme levels of distraction. 

For dogs struggling with reactivity and aggression, these goals may look different for them. After meeting your dog in person, I will be able to give you a projected goal list specific to them!

What's Included: Two hour "go-home" lesson, necessary training tools (please see "Training Methods" page for more information regarding training tools), "Place" cot, follow up lessons, and group classes. Please see boxes below for explanation on what follow up lessons and group classes are. 

Investment: Silver Program - $4,500. Gold Program - $5,250. Platinum Program - $6,000.

Discounted rates available for multiple dog households.

What is a follow up lesson?

Once your dog completes any of the above advanced training programs (Bronze-Platinum), I will spend 1.5-2 hours with you and your dog teaching you everything they learned. Training is lifelong, and during this lesson I will set you up with easy ways to incorporate training into your day to day life. Whether you are only looking to maintain the training that was completed with me or push your dog to a higher training level (ex: off-leash control) than what was completed in the program you chose, I will give you homework to match the goal and your lifestyle. Follow up lessons are to hold your hand and guide you through this homework. During these lessons, I will meet you in different places, such as: your house, local parks, or outdoor malls to push you and your dog in order to ensure you become great partners. All in all, follow up lessons are to ensure you understand how to maintain training, push you and your dog to new levels, and for me to offer ongoing support throughout your training journey.

What is a group class?

Every Saturday morning, our Peak Performance family meets, with the location changing each week. The goal of these classes is to help reinforce what our dogs learned in training: to remain calm and responsive even with all of the distractions around. We use the large group to our advantage to proof our dog's obedience skills through various exercises and drills. In order come to group class, you must first complete an advanced training program (Bronze-Platinum) and be checked off prior to receiving your invite. These check offs happen during a follow up lesson. 

More info!


Please text (949) 525-6567 to set up an in person evaluation or set up a time to call through Calendly (click "Schedule a Call").


Whether meeting in person or on the phone, I will answer any questions you have about the programs or training methods, as well as ensure we choose the best training program for achieving your goals and schedule training dates.

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